Family Based Services

Life Management Skills and Counseling

Family Group Decision Making

For Individuals In Family Dependency Treatment Court

FGDM issues may include placement decision making, parent-child visiting, aftercare, sobriety, education, housing employment, transportation, legal, financial, medical, spiritual, and basic life skills.

Youth in transition conference is a process where the youth invites persons in their circle of support to the youth in transition conference to develop a plan for living independently/self-sufficiency.

Life management skills and counseling. Family-based counseling services include the counselor working together with the involved social worker/child-service system of care and family.

Family mediation is a process which facilitates the resolution of family disputes by promoting the parties voluntary agreement. 

FGDM and Family Dependency Treatment Court works as a team with the person in recovery to develop goals and plans to support the best interests of the family.

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