Youth In Transition Conferences:

How does Youth In Transition Conference process work?

  1. Youth in transition conferencing is a process where the youth invites persons in their circle of support to the youth in transition family conference to develop a plan for living independently/self-sufficiency.

  1. Youth in transition conferencing provides a safe, neutral and supportive place for the youth and their circle of support to share their thoughts and ideas.

  1. Youth in transition conferencing participants and the youth in transition work as a team to develop goals and plans for success and self-sufficiency.

  1. Youth in transition issues may include housing, basic life skills, education, training, career, documents, cultural, medical/dental/health and finances.

  1. Preparing your own individual plan with people who care about you.

What happens before the Youth In Transition Conference?

Before the youth in transition conference happens, the coordinator and the youth will discuss goals, purpose, invitation list (releases), location, date, time, and refreshments.  

All identified participants will be contacted regarding the process and sent invitations along with a preparation guide each person may choose to complete. 

What are some examples that may be discussed at a Youth In Transition Conference?

Housing: stay with relative/find own apartment with roommates

Finances: what is my income/what are my monthly costs? how will I budget for living on my own?

Medical/Dental/Health: what are emergency numbers for doctor, dentist, therapist, what about any medications?

Education/Training/Career: GED, Vo-Tech, college? work benefits and pay? school records, etc. 

Documents: social security, birth certificate, immunization records

What is a Youth In Transition Conference Agenda?

  1. Welcome and introductions

  2. Goals/overview/purpose

  3. Communication guidelines

  4. Confidentiality

  5. Youth’s strengths and goals

  6. Youth’s needs

  7. Options and resources

  8. Youth and circle of support planning time

  9. Presentation of youth in transition plan

  10. Evaluation and closing

  11. Plans formalized, typed and sent to all participants

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is invited to a Youth In Transition Conference?

The youth develops the invitation list including family, friends and other circle of support people.

Who is meant by Circle of Support?

Any person identified by the youth as supportive such as a relative, friend, teacher, mentor, counselor, social worker, etc.

Where will the meetings be held?

Conferences will be held in a comfortable atmosphere that is a culturally appropriate neutral location for participants.

How long do meetings last?

The conference typically lasts two to four hours.